Surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical exotic island in the Indian Ocean, rich in sandy beaches, untouched nature, jungle, vibrant culture and tradition. Many authentic villages, fishing settlements, elephant reserves, green lagoons and coral reefs are ideal for anyone who wants to explore this island and enjoy in its beauty. Sri Lanka is therefore a perfect place to enjoy and relax, but it is also a perfect place to surf.

Beach with palm trees, coffee and tea fields, coconut trees, create an idyllic atmosphere for tropical surfing in Sri Lanka. Although it has many convenient sites, Arugam Bay on the east coast is one of the best surfing sites on the island. It is a place for the right-hand point break, and since it has unbalanced waves that cross over the ridge, Arugam Bay is a very popular surf spot. The best time to surf in this part of the island is between April and October. Arugam Bay is suitable for experienced surfers, and as it also has a surfing school, it is a good place for beginners too. Hikkaduwa is located on the opposite side of Arugam Bay, on the west coast of the island, and it is the favorite place among surfers because it has extremely convenient waves. It is suitable for both right and left handed breaks, and the best time to surf here is from November to April. Hikkaduwa is a long-known place for surfing, and some of its hidden places particularly interesting for surf are Bennys, North Jetty, Main Reef, and Beach Break. Bennys, with waves up to 6 ft, is recommended by experienced surfers, Main Reef is suitable for all levels, and Beach Break is popular among beginners. Unawatuna Bay has many good surfing sites that allow more space and less encounters with other surfers. It is suitable for family surfing, especially because of Unawatuna Beach Break which is a great place for beginners. Kabalana Beach Break is also good for beginners, while Bonavista Bay is reserved for the experts. A good time to surf in Unawatuna Bay is between November and April.

Okanda and Pottuvil Point are suitable for experienced surfers in Sri Lanka. Okanda is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka, so here the surfing season starts from May till October. The main break at Okanda is extremely demanding, and given that it is less crowded here than in Arugan Bay, surfers can fully devote themselves to sharp and fast waves. Pottuvil Point is the right point break and the best place on the island for right-handers. It is especially well known that driving on a wave can last up to 800 meters. Although it is a paradise for experienced surfers, the Pottuvil Point Surf season lasts only during August and September. Weligama is suitable for surfing throughout the year, and is great for beginners and intermediate surfers. Weligama Beach Break has several surfing schools, and waves are easily defeated. Midigama, Gurubebila and Mirissa Bay are well-known surfing spots in Welligama, which should certainly not be missed.

You can reach most of the surf spots by car or tuk-tuk, in which you can also pack your surf equipment. If you have your own board, be sure to bring it with you, otherwise you can rent a surfboard for 1000 Sri Lankan Rupees for a whole day. Be sure to bring good surfboard straps so that you can tie the board for the means of transportation which is taking you to the surfing site. What you must not forget when you go to Sri Lanka is a good surf wax because it is hard to find one on the island. The wax must correspond to a temperature of 27 degrees in the waters of Sri Lanka in order to be stable on the board. Vests and board shorts are also something that you mustn’t forget, but even if you can buy these items in some parts of Sri Lanka, it is best to take them with you from home. In each case, do not omit the surf first aid kit, so that surfing on Sri Lanka is as safe as possible.

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