Off The Beaten Path Luxury Tours


From secret beaches to undiscovered temples, travel down the roads less travelled in Sri Lanka. Explore a unique side to the island.

Discover the hidden charms of Sri Lanka as you venture into the unknown.

Venture off the path where most travel down, and go where no man has gone before! Esna Holidays have put together a set of places for the true explorers at heart. Discover ancient temples and architectural marvels, walk down historic paths and learn secrets of the land from the locals, all while experiencing a unique side to the island. Beat the tourist trail and venture into the unknown spots around Sri Lanka.

Off the Beaten Path excursions include; but are not limited to, watching wild Asian elephants swimming across the manmade Senanayake Samudra or learning the pre-colonization ways of the aboriginal people in Dambana. Learn the art of making a traditional meal with the help of villagers, observe their quiet, slow-paced life or embark on an exciting night safari as you experience the nocturnal wildlife of the island. Each unique excursion will take you on a journey beyond that of the crowded tourist path.

The island is filled with mysterious legends and forbidden stories. Prepare to be enchanted as you explore the hidden, lesser known parts of our home, with our private guided tours in Sri Lanka that will take you off the usual trail and into the mysteries of the island.

From US$ 1,510

The Geoffrey Bawa Inspiration

8 Nights 9 Days • Private Guided Tour


From US$ 1,880

North And Culture

8 Nights 9 Days • Private Guided Tour


From US$ 1,130

Sri Lanka in Retrospect

11 Nights 12 Days • Private Guided Tour

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