Luxury Tailormade Tours in Sri Lanka

Curate. Create. Craft. Paradise awaits.

Find your own little

corner in Sri Lanka or hide away on a private island in Maldives. Tell us which beach you want to lie on, or which mountain you want to hike to, and we’ll create a magical vacation just for you. Tailor-made experiences are for colouring outside the lines, for lovers of life and for pioneers of authenticity.

Warm smiles, helpful hands and specialised expertise in all things related to the island; the team at Esna Holidays are ever excited to welcome you with open arms. Whether you’re a solo explorer, a pair of love birds, a group of friends or with your loving family, we will cater to all your needs, budgets and preferences. If you’re looking to soak in luxury or rough it out in a tent,

Discover what it feels like to fall in love with a country that’s packed with culture, heritage, adventure, history and romance. Don a sarong, savour a local feast, travel in a tuk-tuk and get ready for a paradisaical vacation.

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We are unable to provide an all 5 Star experience as some locations in Sri Lanka will not have 5 Star Hotels. However, we can combine 5 Star and Boutique Hotels to match the Experience.

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