Tea and Galle Fort

FULL DAY (MORNING TO EVENING) | Private Guided Tour | 1 and above Persons

This tour is designed with two most unique experiences in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka, Handunugoda Tea Factory Tour and a Guided Tour to Galle Fort will make you experience the essence of Sri Lanka. You will be spending time with a local resident whose family is originated from and worked in Galle.


You will leave Colombo at 0830 Hrs and it will take around 02 hours to reach to your first destination which is Handunugoda Tea Factory. Meals aren’t part of this tour, so that you may have your breakfast at the hotel before you leave.

Handunugoda Tea Factory: Handunugoda is the one and only tea factories close to the coast. This is famous for world famous and one of most expensive teas I the world, Virgin White Tea plucked and made without a single touch from human. It shows a connection to ancient Chinese tea plucking ritual. End of your tour taste some world class tea and don’t forget to purchase some to treat your taste buds.

Around 1230 Hrs you will be heading towards Galle City to experience its Colonial remarks and remains. Once you arrive in Galle, you can have your lunch at a place of your choice as there are many fancy restaurants inside the fort.

Approximately by 1430Hrs, you will be accompanied by a local resident who has lived and worked in Galle for generations and start your guided tour in Galle. Explore the most famous landmark of the city, The Galle Dutch Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Galle’s Natural Harbour which has been used as a trade hub. Accidental arrival of Portuguese wrote a different destiny to this little island nation. The Portuguese were followed by the Dutch and then the British. Thus, Galle is having the cultural and architectural influences of each occupation.

Wander along the ramparts and looking out the sea, witness the colonial churches, lighthouse and the museums. Make a stop to have a World Class Ceylon Tea or a King Coconut to refresh yourself. Arrive at your hotel in Colombo by 1900Hrs with some splendid memories with a day spent in one of the best-preserved Colonial Fort’s in Asia.

Notes for your Attention

Ride time may vary due to the traffic conditions on the road and we recommend wearing comfortable shoes as you will be engaging in lot of walking around the Galle Fort.

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