Contemporary Sri Lanka

7 Nights 8 Days | Private Guided Tour | 1 – 10 Persons

Dive into the rustic Sri Lankan lifestyle featuring a combination of Colonial Architecture and contemporary city life. An insightful luxury holiday.

What to Expect

Sri Lanka has a rich Buddhist heritage and is the oldest continually Buddhist country in the world. It is also a country of tropical forests, diverse landscapes and warm, friendly people. Sri Lanka has slowly evolved itself to be one of the best and relaxing get-away spots. A remote island to many around the world and yet when you land, you know you’re set for an amazing experience. Palm fringed shores, rustic architecture, street-food, culture and heritage: all put together to give you an amazing luxury holiday experience.

This tour gives new life to the idea of The Old World charm with new world amenities: Our selection of hotels and locations for this tour are the combination of luxury and colonial lifestyle in Sri Lanka. A tour for the experience seekers, taking an in-depth dive in to Sri Lanka’s contemporary lifestyle and the history of the country. Discover the incredible biodiversity and tranquility of the island, witness the role of Buddhism and experience the scents and influence of spices in Sri Lanka.

Not just the lifestyle but its sights, the memories you take back, the marvels; some of which Sri Lanka is best known for, is included in this holiday – a country resplendent with UNESCO World Heritage Sites – seeing its ancient capital, Anuradhapura, in the Cultural Triangle; Dambulla’s cave paintings; the orchid-rich botanic gardens in colonial Kandy; and historic Colombo’s relics on a guided walking tour.



Day 01 - Airport - Colombo

As you land, you will arrive in Colombo 60 mins away from the International Airport and check in to the hotel. Later that evening Indulge in a fun Tuk Tuk Safari around Colombo and finally sit down for dinner at a place of your choice. We recommend the Ministry of Crabs, Monsoon & Paradise Road Gallery Cafe. Your luxury holiday begins here.

Hotel: Aathma Colombo • Meals: Open (Not Included)

Day 02 - Colombo - Galle - Colombo

Drive south today as you set out to explore the historic city of Galle. Perched on a promontory, the 16th-century Galle Fort — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — was constructed by the Portuguese, before being taken over and fortified by the Dutch. Stroll through the quaint and narrow alleyways, perhaps pausing to shop for gems or browse the many art galleries. See the ramparts, St. Mary’s Cathedral and cricket grounds. Then, visit a fascinating tea plantation, which produces virgin white tea — the only tea untouched by hand. Return to Colombo and spend the remainder of the evening at leisure.

Hotel: Aathma Colombo • Meals: Breakfast

Day 03 - Colombo - Anuradhapura

Travel overland to Thirappane in Sri Lanka’s monument-rich Cultural Triangle region. Discover the nearby city of Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient city is believed to have been established by a cutting from the “tree of enlightenment,” the Buddha’s fig tree, brought there in the third century BC by Sanghamitta, founder of an order of Buddhist nuns. Anuradhapura, a Ceylonese political and religious capital that flourished for 1,300 years, was abandoned after it was invaded. Hidden in dense jungle for many years, it’s now possible to explore the site’s palaces, monasteries and monuments firsthand. Its 400-foot Jetavanaramaya Dagoba stupa was once the world’s third tallest structure, until it was surpassed by the pyramids of Giza. Some intact and others restored, they stand as an amazing testament to the art of masonry prevalent at that time. See the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi Tree; grown from a cutting of the Bo tree in India, it has been continuously looked after for over 2,000 years. Settle into to your resort this evening. Once an ancestral estate of the local Anuradhapura nobility, it features a 150-year-old mansion at its center, offset by chalets on 58 acres of verdant land.

Hotel: Ulagalla Wallawwa • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 04 - Anuradhapura - Sigiriya - Anuradhapura

This morning, discover Sigiriya Rock Fortress (“Lion’s Rock”), a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the fifth century AD. Rising over 600 feet from the scrub jungle, it was once the innermost stronghold of the fortified town. Standing tall over the surrounding plains, the rock is actually a solidified magma plug from a long-eroded, extinct volcano. On its summit are the remains of a palace. Hidden in caves around the citadel are some of the most magnificent ancient frescoes in South Asia. Return to your hotel for an afternoon at leisure.

Hotel: Ulagalla Wallawwa • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 05 - Anuradhapura - Kandy

Depart overland for Kandy, stopping at the impressive Dambulla Cave Temples, some of the most stunning in all of Sri Lanka. Also, visit Matale Spice Garden en route to learn about the array of spices grown in Sri Lanka, seeing firsthand how they are processed. Check in to your hotel and spend the balance of the day at leisure.

Hotel: Kandy House • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 06 - Kandy

Explore Peradeniya’s Royal Botanical Gardens, where 300 varieties of orchids are cultivated. Founded in 1824, it contains some of the most valuable collections of plants and trees in the world. Continue to Kandy city for a drive around Kandy Lake. Visit the bazaar, gem museum and lapidary. In the evening, visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic during evening prayer services. It is here that — according to tradition — a sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is kept enshrined. As you explore, see how its two-story inner shrine is fronted by two large elephant tusks.

Hotel: Kandy House • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 07 - Kandy - Colombo

Return to Colombo today. In the afternoon, embark on a historic walking tour with a Colombo native. Experience Pettah Bazaar, and visit the Old Dutch Museum, former home to Count August Carl Van Ranzow.

Hotel: Paradise Road Tintagel • Meals: Breakfast

Day 08 - Colombo - Airport

Today, depending on your departure flight time, you can either relax or check out of the hotel. Don’t forget to recollect the memories of your trip with your chauffer and write your feedback.

Meals: Breakfast

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This is an all-year-round trip.

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