Ancient Kingdoms

FULL DAY (MORNING TO EVENING) | Private Guided Tour | 1 and above Persons

This tour will take you through three kingdoms of ancient Sri Lanka located in North-western Province. You will get to witness the royal palace complex of Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, one of the most beautiful rock fortresses, the old city of Panduwasnuwara with its historical ruins.


Your day will start at 0600hrs when you get picked up from your hotel in Colombo as you will take 2 hours to arrive at your first destination, Dambadeniya. We recommend you to have your breakfast packed to eat on your way to the ancient city of Dambadeniya.

Time of the reign of King Parakramabahu II in mid-thirteenth century who has gifted some valuable masterpieces to the Sinhala literature like ‘Kavisilumina’ and ‘Visuddi Marga Sannasa’ could be considered as the peak of the Dambadeniya. You will see the ruins of the old Temple of the Tooth where the most sacred Tooth Relic was housed earlier, also the remains of the Royal Palace complex and the gardens belong to it.

You will leave for your next destination, Yapahuwa, which was the capital of Sri Lanka after Dambadeniya when the Dravidians conquered. Your drive to Yapahuwa will take approximately one and half hours and you will reach there by 1030 hrs. Yapahuwa Fortress is built on a giant rock which reminds the Sigiriya rock fortress. Nevertheless, architectural aesthetic of Yaphauwa is different from Sigiriya where it consists of wide stair cases, heavily detailed carvings on pillars and prestigious stone sculptures. On your visit you will be able to climb the fortress and witness the ruins of ancient stupa on the peak of the rock. Stupa, which has some notable statues is the imagery from golden Kandyan era of Sri Lanka.

After Spending couple of hours in Yapahuwa, you can enjoy your lunch from one of the good restaurants (At your own expense) in the area. Arriving at your next and final destination would take another half and hour. The ancient Pandiwasnuwara is one of the first kingdoms of Sri Lanka and held as in 5th century BC. Due to the reason of this site been used later again in the 12th century as well, you will be able to see of remains from various periods spread in almost 12 hectares. Shrine which was restored recently, a former Temple of Tooth, the ruins of the royal palace, Panda Wewa, which considered to be the first man made reservoir and the museum of Panduwasnuwara with many archaeological finds from the area will be the most notable sights that you will witness during your time at Panduwasnuwara. After spending close one an half hours there, you will be done with your tour and be back by 1930hrs at your hotel in Colombo.

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