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Horathapola Estate is 50 acres of serenity, nestled within the balmy vibe of rural Sri Lanka. The design aesthetic of Horathapola Bungalow features touches of modern luxury that complement the stateliness of colonial architecture. The furniture is antique, the cuisine is a riot of colour and flavour, and the mood is languid.

Experience at the Horathapola Estate

Horathapola invites you to reconnect with your sense of space. Four of the five bedrooms are over 300 square feet, and all feature oversized bathrooms. Rooms types are Maha Camare, Watte Camare, Pokuna Camare, Family Suite, Family Lodge. Each room extends into a spacious, private sit out area that looks out to a vista of foliage. While all other areas are common to all guests, there are ample nooks and crannies around the property to quietly retreat to with a book. The library and large, common living and dining area are downstairs and look out across the garden and the pool.

Sri Lankan cooking is more art that science – recipes are mere guidelines. Making curry requires a deft touch to balance the heat of the spices with the sweetness of coconut milk, a well-measured tinge of acidity from tamarind and lime, to the perfect combination of fresh herbs that give the flavours a slight lift onto the palate… all so that the complex flavours of their cuisine can be appreciated to the fullest (and without drowning the food in chilli!). Their chef’s sleight of hand in the kitchen will leave you rosy-cheeked and grinning contently.Kitchen uses typical rural techniques – fresh spices are ground on a stone, curries are cooked in clay pots, and most of their ingredients are home grown. They are adept at Western cuisine as well as vegetarian meals, so they ensure that guests have a variety of flavours coming their way during their stay with them.

Hop into their bullock cart for a unique way to enjoy a tour around their property, while exploring the extent of Horathapola’s plantations. (A Bullock Cart is a carriage drawn by a bull). Besides being a unique experience, the ride is a great opportunity to see an organic plantation at work. They offer all guests a complimentary ride.

All rooms have their own design aesthetic and feature unique pieces of antique furniture. High ceilings, hand-carved large four-poster beds, air-conditioning as well as fans, and airy en-suite bathrooms with hot water are standard amenities.  A lush garden skirts the building, and features a salt-water swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, walking trails, and vibrant birdlife. Beyond the garden, the foliage extends into a live organic estate.

Facts & Figures


5 Bedrooms (Maha Camare, Watte Camare, Pokuna Camare, Family Suite, Family Lodge)


  • Hand-carved large four-poster beds.
  • Air-conditioning.
  • Overhead Fan.
  • A salt-water swimming pool.
  • A Jacuzzi.
  • En-suite bathrooms with hot water are standard amenities.
  • Garden.
  • Library.
  • Every Room has private sit out area that looks out to a vista of foliage.



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